On the corner we we rep nothing but the illest in Some of our past guests include:

Weekly Line Up

We are on the air everyday from 9am until 10pm est, unless otherwise specified

  • The Christian Mix - Christian music and bible studies
  • Are you washed in the blood? Bible study with Dj Psalms 9am-10am
  • The Italian corner from 5pm - 10pm est
  • The Lazy Jay Ranch 5pm - 6pm (Coming Soon)
  • Old School Rap, Hiphop, Dancehall Reggae, and Urban
  • The Happy Hour airs at 10am, 2pm, and 9pm est
  • 303 MADNESS! Playing all local artists from the mile high city, Denver, CO Get @ MZ KO
  • Old School Rap, Hiphop, Dancehall Reggae, and Urban
  • Wednesday Night Throwdown with DJ Psalms and Alisha B from 9pm - 11pm est
  • Reggae Thursday's
  • Old school Dancehall Reggae
  • The Going Way Back Show with Money B (from Digital Underground) 2pm - 3pm est
  • Ladies Friday
  • Subterranean Stethoscope with Alisha B at 7pm est
  • The Old Folks Home with Timeko T at 8pm est
  • Yo Internet Raps with DJ Psalms at 9pm est
  • Reggae Saturday's

About Us...

The Old School Hip Hop Corner online radio station signed on the air in March of 2008.

Greg Saporita, a.k.a, Dj Pslams: Station owner and operator

Dj Pslams

E-mail Dj Psalms
@ Facebook



April, a.k.a, MZ KO: Assistant station operator and promoter in the mile high city, Denver, CO

Ko has been with the station since 2009. She does one heck of a job repin' the station to the fullest out in the MILE HIGH CITY 303 Denver, CO area and also around the world on the internet If you are a local artist from the 303 area and would like to get your tracks aired on 303 MADNESS and/or just get involed with the station, please contact MZ KO using one of the links below.


@ Myspace
303 Madness



DJ Timeko T

Born and raised in Denver Colorado, DJ Timeko T has always been interested in music. While other kids were outside playing, she was inside recording Video Soul, Video Vibrations, Yo MTV Raps, Soul Train, and any other show having to do with music or live performances.

She finished high school in California, and moved to Houston to pursue an engineering career in pipeline inspections and quality control. This career led her back to Colorado to work on a pipeline they are currently working on in Rifle. The job was decent pay, but 80% travel, and she resigned when her daughter was accepted into the Denver School of Science and Technology.

She began working as the Marketing Director for Livewire Urban Radio, and started working on playlists, practicing remixes, and really getting involved in the music scene. She would make hot remixes, and give them to her DJ friends to play, until they finally convinced her to DJ!  

DJ Timeko T is currently working on remixes, and loves New Jack sets, and Old school blends at private parties. You can currently catch her on Wednesday nights at Randalls & Bates and as a guest DJ for the Old Folks Home after hours affairs.

Dj Timeko T

Listen to her remixes...



For booking information

Email DJ TimekoT



Amber Safari: Facebook promoter

Amber has been with the station since October 2010. She does one heck of a job promoteing the station on her Facebook page.

Amber Safari

@ Facebook



Mickie: Facebook promoter

Mickie rep's the station out in Minnesota and on Facebook. Mickie has been with the station since 2011.